Awake: The Seven Facets


There is a diamond inside of you, 
even in the "rough" of your story. 
It is your truest identity 
and deepest purpose.

Watch this first . . .

Facet 1: Original Blessing

The great Story before time itself. The purpose of life and the cosmos.

Facet 2: The False Identity

The deepest root behind every problem in this world.

Facet 3: The False Solution

The road everyone has tried to walk down to find freedom - only to discover a dead-end. 

Facet 4: Life

The truth about who God is and who we are. The beginning of our Creator's breakthrough plan to restore freedom and life to humanity. 

Facet 5: Death

Everything comes down to this. The finished work of the Messiah - the Hero and Savior of the world.

Facet 6: Resurrection

The restoration of our deepest identity and highest calling. 

Facet 7: True Solution

Tying it all together . . . an invitation into true life and freedom. 

Where to go from here...

Some practical thoughts for after you finish The Seven Facets.