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Awake | Arise | Advance  is a regional gathering that will be held on September 22-24, 2023.
We invite you to join us for a time of spiritual refocus, awakening, and encouragement.
Friday the 22nd at 7pm is open to the public. 
This will be a time of music and celebration, with an impactful teaching from William Paul Young.

Saturday the 23rd is a special All-Day Conference.
Three packed sessions (10am, 2pm, 7pm).
This includes a Creative Arts Panel and Q&A with author Wm. Paul Young and worship artist Jason Upton.
Registration required - $40 (At the door: $60)

The event continues Sunday morning the 24th at The Almond Branch.
9am - 11am is a time of communion, worship, and testimony with Jason Upton.
At 11am we will hear a concluding word from William Paul Young.

William Paul Young

Wm. Paul Young has authored one of the most successful self-published books in history: The Shack. His other books Eve and Lies We Believe About God are also bestselling works that have inspired countless people, bringing deep revelation and a true encounter with the heart of God. 

From his website:  "For me as a human being, everything is about Jesus and Father and Holy Spirit, about relationships, and to live is to participate in an adventure of faith which can only be experienced inside one day’s worth of grace at a time. "

Jason Upton

Jason Upton is a singer/songwriter with the heart of a pastor. Whether Jason is leading people in worship through singing or speaking, Jason does his best to carry the heart of our heavenly Father. His songs and his messages reflect a life fully lived in relationship with God, family, and friends. Jason currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife Rachel and their children Samuel, Emma, Lucy and Oliver.

Why this Event?

In the post-Covid and postmodern era, we believe we stand on the precipice of a great spiritual shift. More than ever, people are hungering for an authentic expression of faith and a true connection with their Creator and one another. This event is prayerfully hosted to speak into this moment and to catalyze regional transformation.

We want to equip believers from all walks of life and from all backgrounds to grow in the joy of the gospel, and to experience the enlivening power of the Spirit.

We also welcome seekers and skeptics alike for a time that we believe will bring great encouragement and a fresh perspective on faith.